3 Year Olds

The 3 year old classrooms have a Christian, loving atmosphere where the children’s knowledge really begins to blossom. Throughout the year the children will master their colors and shapes. Letters are a primary focus with concentration on one letter per week.  They are encouraged to count aloud and recognize the numbers from 1-10.  Fine motor skills and beginning writing skills are practiced through fun arts and craft activities.

The Gospel and Bible stories are an intricate part of the daily routine.  The children attend Chapel biweekly where God’s Word is presented on their level.  Stories, singing and movement get them excited and help them learn.  The lessons are then reinforced in the classroom with additional activities.

Once a week the children attend a special enrichment class.  This class includes library, music, art and science.  Each lesson provides the children an opportunity to explore the gifts God has given them and to learn through interactive activities.

Children entering the 3 year old classroom need to be fully potty trained, or well on their way, with the expectation of being fully potty trained by October. Our 3 year old classrooms are not equipped with diaper changing stations.

Our Classroom: 5 children/1 teacher
Our Classroom Name: Explorers

Daily Schedule - Explorers

9:00 Table time/Morning activity
9:20 Welcome circle time
9:30 Chapel (Friday)
9:40 Playground
10:05 Snack
10:20 Quiet reading and bathroom break
10:35 Center play
(11:00-11:25 Wednesdays only Enrichment)
(We will be working with the children one on one during this time also)
11:20 Group activity at the table/Classroom
11:35 Movement/music
11:50 Goodbye circle
12:00 Departure

Developmental Skills

  • Cutting with scissors
  • Tracing
  • Basic writing skills

Teaching Objectives

  • Letter recognition
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Count 1-100
  • Writing name