Busy Bears, March 12, 2015

What We Did Today:

We read stories: Pickle Things

Our Bible Story (verse) was: Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved Romans 10:13

We sang songs: Days of the Week and Green Song

We showed our creativity with: finding “green” plates/food/objects from our kitchen, spelled our names with magnet letters on the door, identified letters of the alphabet, finger painted the word green with green paint, and we wrote with a green marker!

Our letter of the week: W and X
Our number of the week: Review
Our shape of the month: oval
Our color of the month: green

We played outside

For snack time we had: vanilla wafers, white cheddar crackers, and water

Quote of the Day:

We also: said the Pledge of Allegiance, talked about our calendar, and played with green legos and geo tracks

We had a great day!!!

Don’t forget: Consignment Sale begins tomorrow! Tomorrow is also our favorite team day!


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