Busy Bears, September 23, 2014

What We Did Today:

We read stories: Apples to Oregon and How to be a Friend

Our Bible Story (verse) was: Genesis 1:1

We sang songs: Johnny Appleseed prayer

We showed our creativity with: tasting different things made with apples, applesauce, and apple butter

Our letter of the week: D
Our number of the week: 3 and 4
Our shape of the month: circle
Our color of the month: white

We played outside today – It’s COLD outside!

For snack time we had: biscuits with apple butter, apple juice, and apple sauce

Quote of the Day: Mrs. Christy was asked but Louie whey she was not having the apple butter on a biscuit and she said she had a snack at the shower this morning for Mrs. Andrea. Louie was laughing and said “You had a snack in the shower?”

We also: need to bring a jacket or sweater for outside time!!

We had a great day!!!

Don’t forget: tomorrow is library day, please bring books and bag back


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