Consignment Sale

GHP Fall Consignment Sale

NEW! Sale Hours

Thursday, September 26
6 to 8 pm

Friday, September 27
9 am to 1 pm and 4-7 pm

Saturday, September 28
8 am to noon

Drop off Hours:

Tuesday, September 24, 9 am to noon and 5 to 7 pm.

Wednesday, September 25, 9 am to noon and 5 to 7 pm.

***Please see below for what to expect at drop off.

Tag guidelines: If you want your unsold items to be donated (We take them to Next Step Ministries), please highlight your consigner code on your tag.

Also, only legible, easy to see red stars will indicate that you do not want your items to be sold for half price on Saturday.

If you would like to buy the recommended tags, please stop by the preschool office between 9 am to noon. Tags can be purchased at 50 tags for $1. Tags from other sales may be used as long as the information on the tag is the same as what we request on our tags.

 Instructions for our consigners can be found here: Fall Consignment Sale

What to expect at drop off 

When you arrive to drop off your consignment items, please have clothing sorted by size and gender. Enter the building through the glass double doors at the center of the building. Tables will be set up on which you may place your items. Our volunteers will take care of your consigned items from this point forward. Before you leave please make sure that you have filled out the consigner information sheet and address an envelope to yourself. You may also bring your own self addressed stamped envelope. There is no need to preregister. Please note that we have two evening drop off times now. Also see instructions above for more information.

Tips to make the most money

Yes, we take junior’s sizes (0, 3, 5, 7) as well as young men. Young men’s sizes should stay under a men’s large. This is because of limited rack space. For our 2020 spring sale we will also accept 25 items of women’s clothing (Misses and/or Women’s sizes) per consigner.

Helpful pricing guide from another sale, but applies to sales in Kernersville as well: pricing_guide.

If customers can’t see your items, they don’t buy them. Case in point, pants! If your pants do not hang on the hanger properly they will not be seen amongst the clothes. Please avoid this:

Pants need to be hung as follows to ensure shoppers see them and you sell them!

Pants can also be hung on a hanger made for pants with the clips at the top.

Please do not price one clothing item to sell for $1 or less on a hanger. Items can be combined in an outfit or hang 2 “like items” together (Ex. 2 shirts) to sell for at least $1.50 or more. Here is how to hang an outfit.

Warning! Pins from Dollar Tree are not durable enough for pining pants or skits. They do not hold! Look for pins at Dollar General or Walmart for a much better quality to hold heavier items.

Where can you find hangers? – You may hang your clothes on any type of hanger available as long as the hanger is facing left (like a question mark) and clothes are secured on it. Toddler size hangers will not hold big kid size clothes, they always fall off (you lose sales). Some dry cleaners will give away wire hangers and wire hangers can be purchased at Dollar General as well (not Dollar Tree, although Dollar Tree has plastic hangers). Sometimes bundles of hangers are sold at Goodwill as well.

Finally, maternity clothes will not sell unless they are in style. If the style is not current we will not hang them on the rack. Thanks for understanding.