Consignment Sale

We are having our spring sale on March 9th – 11th

Drop Off
Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 pm to 8 pm
 (appointment required)

Sale Times
Thursday 6 to 8 pm
Friday 9 am to noon
Friday 4 to 7 pm
Saturday 9 am to Noon (Half Price Sale)

Consigner Pick Up Time – Saturday between 3:30 and 4 pm

We need volunteers!

We need all our GHP families to make the consignment sale a success. This sale is the primary fund raiser for GHP. Please consider volunteering your time (a whole or partial shift).
Sign up to volunteer on using the link on Class Dojo.

There will be a pre-sale for all consignors and volunteers on Thursday, March 9th from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm.


If you want your unsold items to be donated (We donate to the Rescue Mission in Winston Salem), please highlight your consigner code on your tag.

Please add a legible, easy to see red star on your tag if you do not want your items to be sold for half price on Saturday.

Tags from other sales may be used as long as the information on the tag is the same as what we request on our tags. We are not selling tags before the sale. Tags can be purchased at Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Staples. Please use large tags!


  • Top of tag – Consigner Code (first and last initial followed by the last four digits of your phone number)
  • Description of Item – be specific and include designs, colors, etc so that lost tags can be matched with their item
  • Size of item – If your the tag says S/M/L an approximate number size is helpful for correct placement of the item
  • Price – make prices easily divisible by 2


  1. SPRING/SUMMER CLOTHING (sizes infant to teen and misses to size 10, maternity, all sizes of jeans will be placed on racks as space allows.)
    1. Clothes should be clean and odor free with no stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, or rips.
    2. No fall/winter clothing accepted.
    3. Skirts and light weight pants, shorts, and capris should be safety pinned to wire hangers. No straight pins or clothespins, please. 
    4. All items must be priced and tagged prior to drop off. You set your own prices. Clothing on a hanger priced at $1.00 may be put on the floor until rack space becomes available. Also please make your prices evenly divisible (helpful for half price day) and we advise that name brand/boutique items be priced higher than Target, Walmart, and Jumping Beans brands. 
    5.  Use a safety pin through the string to secure the tag to the upper right side of the garment, hanger facing left like a question mark. (?)
    6. Before dropping your clothing off, please sort all hanging items by gender and size. 
  2. SHOES (only good condition please, or they will be removed from our sale floor)
    1. Place shoes in Ziploc bags (one pair per bag) and tape tag on three sides to the OUTSIDE of the bag. Please DO NOT tape over entire tag. Size 3/4 and under will fit in a quart size bag. Over size 3/4 will fit in a galloon size bag or can be kept together with zip ties. 
    2. Cheaper option: You may also secure shoes together with a zip tie placed in the shoelace holes. Shoes placed in boxes need to be priced on the box and on the shoes itself in case they are separated from the box. 
    3. Only shoes in good condition please. If your shoes are not in good condition, they will not be put out to sell.
    1. All toys should be clean and in good working order with all parts secured. Baby gear such as changing tables, high chairs, car seats, boosters, pack n plays, toddler beds, gates, safety rails, etc. should be clean and in good working order.
    2. Wrap large toys and puzzles with plastic wrap or they will receive experimentation by young shoppers.
    3. Plastic wrap is cheaper than Ziplock bags and will keep your puzzle pieces intact with the puzzle.
    4. No items should be consigned that have been recalled or violate the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (states allowable lead and phthalate levels). See this link:
    5. Tape tags on ONLY THREE sides of the tag on toys, equipment, shoe bags, etc. Please DO NOT tape over the entire tag. Scotch tape or wrapping paper tape only. Packing tape may damage your item. It tears books, puzzles, and boxes. 
    6. Only 5 stuffed animals per consigner.
  4. Books
  5. DVDs (No VHS please)
  6. Furniture/room décor/no bed linens larger than twin size
  7. Baby equipment* (Car seats must not be expired.) We cannot take crib or other large furniture.

NO USED UNDERWEAR OR OPENED PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS (perfume, baby meds etc.) will be sold.


First please make an appointment for dropping off your items. When you arrive to drop off your consignment items, please have clothing sorted by size and gender. Enter the building through the glass double doors at the front of the building. Tables will be set up on which you may place your items. Our volunteers will take care of your consigned items from this point forward. Before you leave, please make sure that you have picked up your pre-sale ticket and have taken note of the pick up time on Saturday (3:30 – 4 pm). You may also bring your own self addressed stamped envelope. Drop off times will only be in the evening for this sale from 4 to 7 pm.


Yes, we take junior’s sizes (0, 3, 5, 7) as well as young men’s sizes (S,M,L). Young men’s sizes should stay under a men’s large. This is because of limited rack space. We will accept misses sizes (2 – 10) as well. Please do not consign anything larger than a misses size 10.


Generally, it is best to price your items 50 – 75% less than retail. Clothes are usually priced around $3 for everyday styles and brands from Cat and Jack, Faded Glory, Jumping Beans and Carters. You can charge more for brand-name clothing, such as Baby Gap, Guess, and Gymboree and for newer looking items. Coats, special occasion dresses or shoes, or a full outfit can be priced higher.

Remember, you are pricing to sell. Don’t think about how much you paid for an item. Consignment shoppers are looking for deals! Also, ask yourself, “Would I buy this for my child?” Cleanliness and condition matter in getting your items sold.

What Will and Won’t Sell

You can sell almost anything at a consignment sale, given that it is the right price and a desirable item. The hardest things to sell are those that are in large supply at a sale. Here are some examples: infant clothing (especially onesies), blankets, bibs/burp pads, feeding dishes, crib sheets, and stuffed animals. If the sale falls before Christmas time, then toys will sell quickly. Bigger “wish list” toys sell very well at a fall sale. Please bring them! In the fall we most always sell out of Halloween costumes as well. They are hot, hot, hot if priced reasonably.

Discount to Make Even More

We will offer a half price sale on Saturday morning. This is your last chance to make money and get rid of stuff. It is a good idea to allow your items to go half price.

Group Items Together

To sell your items at a higher price and at a faster pace, group like items together. For example, not many shoppers will want to buy a onesie for $2. However, shoppers will want to buy a set of five onesies for $5. You can also group similar books together or similar small toys together.

If customers can’t see your items, they don’t buy them. Case in point, pants! If your pants do not hang on the hanger properly they will not be seen amongst the clothes. Please avoid this:

Pants need to be hung as follows to ensure shoppers see them and you sell them!

Pants can also be hung on a hanger made for pants with the clips at the top.

Please do not price one clothing item to sell for $1 or less on a hanger. Items can be combined in an outfit or hang 2 “like items” together (Ex. 2 shirts) to sell for at least $1.50 or more. Here is how to hang an outfit.

Warning! Pins from Dollar Tree are not durable enough for pining pants or skits. They do not hold! Look for pins at Dollar General or Walmart for a much better quality to hold heavier items.

Where can you find hangers? – You may hang your clothes on any type of hanger available as long as the hanger is facing left (like a question mark) and clothes are secured on it. Toddler size hangers will not hold big kid size clothes, they always fall off (you lose sales). Some dry cleaners will give away wire hangers and wire hangers can be purchased at Dollar General as well (not Dollar Tree, although Dollar Tree has plastic hangers). Sometimes bundles of hangers are sold at Goodwill or Next Step Thrift Store as well.

Finally, maternity clothes will not sell unless they are in style. If the style is not current we will not hang them on the rack. Thanks for understanding.