Color – Red
Shape – Circle
Bible Story – Creation (God made me special, God made the animals, God made nature)
Seasonal Themes – Fall, apples

Color – Orange
Shape – Oval
Bible Story – Noah’s Ark (God keeps his promises, I can trust God no matter what)
Seasonal Themes – Farm life, Fall

Color – Brown
Shape – Rectangle
Bible Story – Jesus’ Birth (Thankful for a loving God, Thankful for a Savior)
Seasonal Themes – Fall, Thanksgiving

Color – Yellow
Shape – Star
Bible Story – Jesus’ Birth (Jesus is the greatest gift of all)
Seasonal Themes – Christmas, Winter

Color – White
Shape – Square
Bible Story – Jesus’ Life (Jesus loves me, I love Jesus, I love others)
Seasonal Themes – Winter, Nursery Rhymes

Color – Pink
Shape – Heart
Bible Story – Jesus’ Life (I love others, Treat others the way you want to be treated, Others first)
Seasonal Themes – Winter, Love, Valentine’s Day, Nursery Rhymes

Color – Green
Shape – Triangle
Bible Story – Easter (Jesus loves us, Jesus saved us)
Seasonal Themes – Spring, Nursery Themes

Color – Blue
Shape – Cross
Bible Story – Easter/Spreading the Good News (Jesus wants to be my friend, I should tell others about Jesus)
Seasonal Themes – Spring Nursery Rhymes

Color – Purple
Shape – Review all
Bible Story – Spreading the Good News, Continuing Jesus’ Work
Seasonal Themes – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Summer, Ocean/Beach


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