Monthly Learning Objectives:

September: The first day of enrichment will be September 16. We will start the year off with an activity on getting to know each other better. We will also be focusing on how we check out and care for our books. Each child will be bringing home the book they have selected to “check out” in his or her library bag. Please return this book in their bag the following week. We will finish the month talking about camping.

October: In October we will be learning about things on the farm. We will learn where our fruits and vegetables come from and about various farm animals.

In November we will be building in the Enrichment Room. Every little boy and girl is full of ideas and imagination! This month, we will use recycled containers, blocks, magnetic tiles, and even marshmallows to build and dream up inventions! We will read several versions of, The Three Little Pigs, and The House that Jack Built. We will also read and learn about Noah — a builder like no other!

In December, we will be focused on light and darkness, as we learn together. Most of our stories will lead us to think about the greatest light of all — God’s son, Jesus. Children will have a chance to hold small lights as we sing, make shadows, and explore. We will also show what a difference our “little lights” can make in a dark room! This month, we will also have the opportunity to complete the art projects that will be on display during the Christmas program.

The month of January is the month that Martin Luther King, Jr, was born. This month we will learn more about Dr. King’s life and how God used him to change the world around him. Often, God uses people to show His love. This month, we will look for ways God shows his kindness through the people placed around us, and ways He allows us to be a part of His work on this earth, by treating others with gentleness and love. We will record these acts of kindness we notice and experience, throughout January on small strips of paper. We will use the strips of paper to make a paper chain to visually remind us of our project and encourage us as we continue to learn to love others, with the help of our God. It is our desire to see God’s name praised throughout this process and always!

In February, we will be spending time in outer space! We will use our imagination as well as grow our knowledge about stars and planets. We will read silly stories about Curious George going to space and create art that is a reminder of the fun we have and what we have learned throughout the month.

March is Dr. Seuss’ birthday month!! Needless to say, we will be reading many of Dr. Seuss’ books and enjoying his rhyme, humor, and wit! As part of our fun, we will create truffela trees (from The Lorax), and design a Wocket in a pocket! The sky is the limit for creativity and fun when it comes to Dr. Seuss!

This month we will spend time preparing for our Spring Program. The theme of the month will be, “Let all of Creation Sing.” We will prepare the decorations for the backdrop of the program throughout the month. We will also enjoy reading and singing about all of God’s creatures/creation as we see signs of new growth all around us.

Our final month of enrichment will be investigating, experimenting, and PLAYING with water! Observing and exploring ice, sinking/floating, pouring and dunking…we will be doing it all!! We will learn to use droppers and large test tubes and talk about how water changes into the shape it is poured into. What a great way to end the year — and stay cool!


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