What We Will Be Learning – Doodlebugs

Color – Red
Shape – Circle
Bible Story – Creation (God made me special, God made the animals, God made nature)
Verse: Genesis 1:1
Letters: A,B,C
Seasonal Themes – Back to School, Fall, apples

Color – Orange
Shape – Oval
Bible Story – Noah’s Ark (God keeps his promises, I can trust God no matter what)
Verse: Psalm 139:14
Letters: D,E,F
Seasonal Themes – Farm life, Fall, Leaves, Fire Safety

Color – Brown
Shape – Rectangle
Bible Story – Thankful for Jesus, Thankful for a Loving God)
Verse: Hebrews 13:5
Letters: G,H,I
Seasonal Themes – Fall, Leaves, Thanksgiving, Food

Color – Yellow
Shape – Star
Bible Story – Jesus’ Birth (Jesus is the greatest gift of all)
Verse: Luke 2: 11
Letters: J,K,L
Seasonal Themes – Christmas, Winter

Color – White
Shape – Square
Bible Story – Jesus’ Life (Jesus at church, Jesus loves people, Jesus loves me)
Verse: John 15:12
Letters: M,N,O
Seasonal Themes – The New Year, Winter, Snow, Hibernation, Dr. Seuss Week

Color – Pink
Shape – Heart
Bible Story – Jesus’ Love (Jesus loves me, I love others)
Verse: Matthew 22:39
Letters: P,Q,R,S
Seasonal Themes – Winter, Snow, Love, Valentine’s Day

Color – Green
Shape – Triangle
Bible Story –  Daniel and the Lion’s Den (Don’t be afraid, God is with you, God protects us)
Verse: John 3:16
Letters: T,U,V,W
Seasonal Themes – Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Dr. Seuss, Plants and Flowers

Color – Blue
Shape – Diamond
Bible Story – The Easter Story
Verse: Isaiah 41:10
Letters: X,Y,Z
Seasonal Themes – Spring, Plants, Flowers, Rain

Color – Purple
Shape – Review all
Bible Story – Jonah (Listen to God, God takes care of us)
Verse: Matthew 28:20
Letters: Review all
Seasonal Themes – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Summer, Ocean/Beach