What We Will Be Learning – Busy Bears


Monthly Themes: All About Me, Where I Live, Apples, Fall, Brown

Language & Literacy: Ss, Aa, Tt, Ii; spelling our names

Math Concepts: numbers 1 – 4 recognition and forming the numbers; shape is circle; counting 1-10

Bible Lesson: Creation

Science: Apples


Monthly Themes: Farming, Camping, Fire Safety, Transportation, Orange and Black

Language & Literacy: Pp, Nn, Cc, Kk Learning our addresses,

Math Concepts: Numbers 5-8 recognition and forming the numbers; shape square; counting1-15

Bible Lesson: Noah’s Ark

Science: changing leaf colors, mixing colors


Monthly Themes: Thanksgiving, Family, Cooking, Fairy Tales, Yellow

Language & Literacy: Ee, Hh, Rr, Mm

Math Concepts: 9 &10 recognition and forming the numbers; shape Triangle; counting 1-25

Bible Lesson: Counting our Blessings and being Thankful; learning new prayers

Science: Living and Non-Living


Monthly Themes: Christmas, Red

Language & Literacy: Dd, Gg, Oo

Math Concepts: Counting 1-50, Shape star

Bible Lesson: Birth of our Savior

Science: Bird feeders for the winter birds


Monthly Themes: Space; Winter; Martin Luther King Jr, Penguins; White and Blue

Language & Literacy: Ll, Ff, Bb, Qq

Math Concepts: Counting 1-75; Shape Oval

Bible Lesson: Parable of the Good Samaritan

Science: Penguins; Ice


Monthly Themes: 100th Day of School, Dental Month, Library Month, Presidents, Pink

Language & Literacy: Uu, Jj, Zz, Ww

Math Concepts: Counting to 100, shape heart

Bible Lesson: Zacchaeus

Science: candy heart science, magnets


Monthly Themes: St. Patrick’s Day, Dr. Seuss, Green

Language & Literacy: Vv, Yy, Xx

Math Concepts: Counting by 10’s, Shape Rectangle

Bible Lesson: The Armor of God, Easter

Science: In like a lion out like a lamb (graphing and weather tracking)


Monthly Themes: Earth Day, Dinosaurs, Purple

Language & Literacy: Review Alphabet, begin sight words

Math Concepts: counting to 100 by 10’s and 5’s and counting to 10 in Spanish, Shape Rhombus (diamond)

Bible Lesson: Resurrection

Science: Life Cycles, Flowers


Monthly Themes: Ocean Life, Zoo Life, Grey/Gray

Language & Literacy: Review Alphabet

Math Concepts: Review all numbers and Shapes; Shape of the month is Octagon

Bible Lesson: Jonah and the Whale

Science: Life in the Ocean