Little Leapers, September 17, 2014

What We Did Today:

We read stories: Mama Loves You, Dora’s Shape Adventure, and Word Bird’s Shapes

Our Bible story (verse) was: Genesis 1:1

We sang songs: I’ve Been Working on the Railroad and I am Special

We showed our creativity with: coloring triangles, making pictures of ourselves, making shape books

Our letter of the week: A
Our number of the week: 1
Our shape of the month: triangle
Our color of the month: yellow

We played inside today with blocks, cars, and musical instruments

For snack time we had: strawberries, apples, and goldfish

Quote of the Day: “What makes you special?” Annie – Washing the dishes!
Emma – “I’m pretending my crayon is ketchup!”

We also: went to the library and talked about our favorite things

We had a great day!!!!

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