Little Leapers

Please note that specific activities are subject to change.

Letters:  A, B
Numbers:  1
Color:  Yellow
Shape:  Triangle
Lesson:  Review shapes and colors, All about me, Classroom rules
Bible Lesson:  Creation
Apple tasting experiments

Letters: C, D, E, F
Numbers:  2 and 3
Color: Orange
Shape: Square
Lesson:  Farms, Fire Safety, Pumpkins, Fall
Bible Lesson: Noah’s Ark
Sinking and Floating experiment

Numbers: 4 and 5
Letters:  G, H, I
Color:  Brown
Shape:  Rectangle
Lesson:  First Thanksgiving, Sharing, Manners
Bible Lesson: Being Thankful

Numbers:  Review 1-5
Letters:  J, K
Color: Red
Shape: Star
Lesson: Jesus Birth, Christmas traditions, Angels
Bible Lesson: The Birth of Jesus

Numbers: 6, 7
Letters:  L, M, N
Color:  White
Shape:  Circle
Lesson:  Winter, Ice and Snow, Hibernation, 5 senses
Bible Lesson: David and Goliath
Experiment with ice cubes

Numbers:  8, 9
Letters:  O, P, Q
Color: Pink
Shape: Heart
Lesson:  Dental Health, Presidents, Groundhog, Valentine’s Day
Bible Lesson:  God is Love

Numbers:  10, Review 1-10
Letters:  R, S, T, U
Color:  Green
Shape: Diamond
Lesson:  Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Rainbows, Dr. Suess, Weather
Bible Lesson:  Lamb of God
Making rainbow experiments

Numbers: 5-1 Backwards
Letters:  V, W, X
Color:  Blue
Shape:  Oval
Lesson:  Easter, Seeds and Flowers, Rain, Earth Day
Bible Lesson:  The Easter Story
Experiment making raindrops

Numbers:  10 – 1 backwards
Letters:  Y, Z
Color:  Purple
Shape: Crescent
Lesson:  Ocean Life, Mothers Day, End of Year
Bible Lesson:  Jonah and the Whale




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