Monkey Business, January 15, 2015

What We Did Today:

We read stories: Olive the Octopus’ Day of Jubilee and  A Silly Snowy Day and in science we made a snow storm in a cup! (mixed white paint, aka seltzer, and baby oil)

Our Bible Story (verse) was: The Good Samaritan

We sang songs:

We showed our creativity with: working in our letter books on the letter O, colored O pictures – an otter, an octopus, and an ostrich, had show n tell, reviewed the alphabet A-Z on flash cards. We also practiced writing our alphabet and numbers on dry erase boards!

Our letter of the week: O
Our number of the week: 1-20
Our shape of the month: oval
Our color of the month: blue

We played inside

For snack time we had: pretzels and honey graham crackers

Quote of the Day:

We also: got new library books since we missed school yesterday! and made snowflakes by cutting our of white circles!

We had a great day!!!

Don’t forget: No school on Monday, January 19 and Tuesday, January 20.


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