Monkey Business, September 10, 2014

What We Did Today:

We read stories: Dogs and Their Puppies

Our Bible story (verse) was: Genesis 2:1 and we continued talking about creation, day 5

We showed our creativity with: show-n-tell and we worked on “B” in our alphabet books

Our letter of the week: B
Our number of the week: 2
Our shape of the month: circle
Our color of the month: yellow

We stayed inside and played with our friends in centers

For snack time we had: wheat thins and butter cookies

Quote of the Day: “I love you, bro!” and “I had a dream about chicken pot pie and broccoli”

We also: worked on learning to identify our name and address. Please help your child find their house numbers. Their “homework” is to look for them

We had a great day!!!!

Don’t forget carpool Friday!


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