Toddler Class/Parents Morning Out

We are offering this class for the  2023 – 2024 school year.

Parent’s Morning Out is for children who have turned one by August 31st of the school year. All of the children are cared for by Christian teachers who have a true love for children. They strive to nurture the children’s development through compassion and encouragement.

For the toddlers it’s all about having fun. The children play the majority of their time at school. They are learning to explore their world and we want to encourage that. Simple crafts and other activities are used to help them get excited about learning. The children are introduced to circle time where they will hear Bible stories and other fun stories and sing interactive songs. Each week the children will attend a special enrichment program. Here they will have library time, sing songs and play instruments, create an art project or have a science lesson which encourages them to observe the world God has created for them. Biweekly the children will have chapel, a special time to show the children the wonders of God’s love for them. Using their manners and cleaning up after themselves will be encouraged throughout the year. The children visit the playground everyday, weather permitting.

Our Classroom: 3 children/1 teacher
Our Classroom Name: Little Peeps

Daily Schedule

9-9:15  Free Play
9:15-9:40 Outside Play
9:45-10:15 Snack
10:15-10:45 Free Play & Diaper Change
10:45-11:15 Art/Music and Dancing
11:15-11:30 Theme Based Story Time
11:30-11:45 Circle Time
11:45- 12 Farewell/Free Play

Schedule Options

Monday – Friday
1 day/week
2 days/week
3 days/week
4 days/week
5 days/week

Classroom Objectives

  • To know God made us and loves us
  • To listen and respond correctly to verbal instructions
  • To participate with circle time and class activities
  • Introduction to art, music, letters, numbers, shapes and colors
  • To use manners