What we did in summer camp, July 8, 2015

The country we visited was Russia.

Clownfish (Parent’s Morning Out)

Our art project was: coloring a picture of children in traditional dress and water play day!

Other fun things we did were: read books, sang songs, and did puzzles.

Our snack was: goldfish, butter cookies, halved or smaller grapes, and apple straws.


Our art project was: coloring and water play day!

Other fun things we did were: play on the playground.

Our snack was: chex mix.

Something cool we learned was what animals live in the arctic.  Brrr!

Monkey Business

Our art/PE activity was: to play in the game room.  We had bowling, walked on stilts, played frisbee and with the pop up twirlies.

Other fun things we did were: colored a picture of a hockey player and water play day!

Our snack was: pretzels, vanilla wafers, raisins, and water.

Something cool we learned was: They eat pancakes with sour cream.  What polar bears and foxes eat (meat!).  They play a game called chess and eat caviar too!


Our art/PE activity was: water day play!

Other fun things we did were: circle time and board games.

Our snack was: cheezits, cookies, and water.

Something cool we learned was: the weather in Russia is much colder than here.  And how the rotation of the earth affects both temperature when it is night and day.


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