What we did in summer camp, June 23, 2015

The country we visited was Egypt.

Clownfish (Parent’s Morning Out)

Our art project was: coloring with fun new crayons.

Other fun things we did were: playing outside in the water, blowing bubbles and fishing in our wading pool with nets.

Our snack was:

Something cool we learned is that everyone loves to play with water!


Our PE activity was: water day!

Other fun things we did were: an animal scavenger hunt!

Our snack was: cinnamon cereal and water

Something cool we learned was: what animals in Africa look like!


Our art project was: building pyramids with sugar cubes and we colored pictures of Egyptian children.

Other fun things we did were: reading a story called, “Chameleons Are Cool.”
We also danced with balloons and had water day.

Our snack was: veggie chips, vanilla wafers, raisins and water.

Something cool we learned was: they ride camels in Egypt, men wear skirts, they play soccer, men and women wear makeup and they used pictures to write.


Our art project was: making hieroglyphics.

Other fun things we did were: made sweetcorn fritters.

Our snack was: milk and sweetcorn fritters.

Something cool we learned was: how mummies are made.


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