What we did in summer camp today. July 30, 2015

The country we visited was Peru.

Clownfish (Parent’s Morning Out)

Our art project was: decorating Llama pictures with yarn.  We also played in the tunnels, played with balls and ran, ran, ran!

Other fun things we did were: sing songs, read books and climbed the pretend mountain.

Our snack was: goldfish and pretzel goldfish with creme wafers.

Something cool we learned was: There are mountains in Peru.


Our art project was: drawing a parrot and playing in the tunnels.

Other fun things we did were: played dress up and learned about the desert.

Our snack was: chips, water and puffs.

Something cool we learned was: deserts are the driest places on Earth.

Monkey Business

Our art project was: painting frogs to make a puppet a coloring a soccer player.
Other fun things we did were: played musical chairs and learned some Spanish words.
Our snack was: veggie chips, goldfish and raisins.
Something cool we learned was: the Lost City is called Machu Picchu.  It was built for an Inca king.


Our PE activity was: soccer golf and Sapo (tossing bugs into the frog’s mouth).

Our snack was: avocado dip and tortilla chips.


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