What We Did Today – January 7, 2016


The Letter of the Week – Oo

The Number of the Week –

The Color of the Month – Blue

The Shape of the Month – Rectangle

Our Bible story is: The Good Samaritan

Today we went on a field trip to Lowe’s Foods. We learned what kinds of foods grow in the winter, and what type of food is in the produce section. We also learned about grains in the bread from the bakery. We got to touch a lobster and walk through a freezer and refrigerator. Finally we “checked out” some cereal using the cash register.

For snack we hadĀ carrots, yogurt, bread and pretzels.

When we got back from the field trip we did a counting sheet and counted the different items in a grocery store.

We had a great day!

Don’t forget to bring your child’s folder every day and dress warm for the playground.


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