What We Did Today – March 7, 2018

Letter of the Week: R   Number: 4  Color: Green/Black     Shape: Clover

Our Bible story (verse) was: My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions. Daniel 6:22

We read stories: See How They Grow, 10 Little Lady Bugs

We sang songs: spring program songs.

We had these centers: dramatic play, blocks, tinker toys, barbies, computers, and quiet reading time.

We had these activities: coloring a color by number sheet, writing our name, learning our last name, counting with gold coins, made a caterpillar by counting the correct number of pom poms.

For snack we had: raisins, a cookie, and water.

We also practiced counting, went to enrichment, learned about frogs, and ran in the auditorium because the playground was very wet.

Don’t forget: read books and write them down for our class tree!


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