What We Did Today – November 30, 2016

Our Bible story (verse) was: Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. Psalm 107:1

We read stories: Clifford and the Big Storm, I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie

We sang songs: practiced for the Christmas program

We had these centers: blocks, math, art, gears, dinosaurs, etch a sketch, cars, little people and legos.

We practiced these skills: counting, staying in our line when we walk down the hall, table manners, coloring, sharing, and tracing our name.

For snack we had: cheese cubes, grapes, french bread, and water.

We also went to enrichment and checked out new books. We learned about how people in Greece live and worked on a Christmas project.

Don’t forget to sign up to bring cookies for the Christmas program.


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