What We Did Today – October 13, 2017

Letter of the Week: E   Number: 3   Color: Orange   Shape: Square

Our Bible story (verse) was: Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember God’s promise. Genesis 9:16

We read stories: My E Book, Farm Flu

We sang songs: Happy Birthday, Hokie Pokie, Ring Around The Rosie

We had these centers: dress up, sensory, play doh, art, and blocks.

We had these activities: used water colors to paint an egg for our letter book, traced the letter E, counted, and traced our name.

For snack we had: veggie straws, raisins, and cookies for Briella’s birthday.

We also made a picture and put it in an envelope for a friend.

Don’t forget: last day for spare change campaign is Monday.


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