What We Did Today – October 19, 2015


Our letter of the week is E.

Our number of the week is 5.

Our color of the month is orange.

Our shape of the month is square.

Our Bible Verse is: Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember God’s promise. Genesis 9:16

We read stories: My E Book, Big Pig on a Dig

We listened to an elephant song and walked across a balance beam like an elephant.

We practiced these skills: glued eggs in our ABC book, glued barns and pigs together and traced the letter e.

We showed our creativity with: using water colors to paint an easter egg for the letter e.  We also colored a barn and animal sheet.

For snack we had popcorn, raisins and elf cookies with water to drink.

We also had circle time, played a rhyming game and had a class fire drill.

We had a great day!

Don’t forget McDonald’s Night in Walkertown tomorrow.


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