What We Did Today – September 2, 2015


We read stories: How Do Dinosaurs Go To School, Biscuit Goes To School

Our Bible Verse is: In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. Gen. 1:1

We sang songs: 5 Little Monkeys, Catch a Bumble Bee, Itsy Bitsy Spider

We showed our creativity with: coloring a monkey, making a hand puppet, and played with play doh.

Our letter of the week is: reviewing the whole alphabet.

Our number of the month is 1-9

Our shape of the month is triangle

Our color of the month is yellow

We played outside.

For snack we had fruit loops, cheese nips, bananas and water.

We also learned to sit criss cross applesauce and other ways to help us learn.

Don’t forget to bring your folder back everyday and remove those from the previous day.


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