What We Did Today – September 25, 2015


We read stories: Amazing Apples, Ten Red Apples, Johnny Appleseed

Our Bible Verse is: In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. Gen. 1:1

We sang songs: Little Apples, The Apple Tree

We showed our creativity with: coloring and decorating apples with different colors of paper, practiced counting with apples and making apple sequences.

Our letter of the week is A.

Our number of the week is 1.

Our shape of the month is triangle.

Our color of the month is yellow.

We stayed inside today.

For snack we had pretzels, apple chips, three different types of apples, tasted apple pie and drank apple juice.

We also had circle time, learned about Johnny Appleseed, went to chapel and got a prize from the prize box.

We had a great day!

Don’t forget tomorrow is Johnny Appleseed’s birthday, he would have been 241.


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